"Excursion in heraldry"


The feudal society which brought about the creation of coats of arms is part of our distant past, but the spirit and beauty of heraldry are very much alive. Today, in this ever-changing world, we are now under attack from the challenges and demands of technology. Mass media, global economy, over-population and fast-paced living invade our personal borders. They can seize from us opportunities to express our identity. The symbolism and ideals inherent in the art and practice of heraldry, on the other hand, allow us to explore and assert our personal and spiritual independence.

One of the objectives of "Excursion into Heraldry" is to aid you in progressing from a passive interest in heraldry to actively pursuing the design of an individualized coat of arms.

Few people claim, or can claim that they are entitled to hereditary arms. Heraldry, however, has always provided for the creation and registration of new arms borne out of the achievements and passions of new generations. Coats of arms, especially in our modern society, are the province of everyone--not just "nobility"--when used as unique emblems for ourselves and our families.

Thus, there is no impediment to creating or commissioning a coat of arms for use as a personal or business logo, in letterhead and stationery, in presentations and websites, in a bookplate, artwork, clothing, textiles and ceramics, or anywhere else you would like to express your individuality.

Contact the authors:

We will devise a unique coat of arms specially for you!

We guarantee an inividualized approach to producing an armorial "achievement" without templates and pre-made or prescribed formats.

You will find that we are very different and offer much more than most of the companies selling coats of arms for family names and related merchandise. These companies' services are generally impersonal and just copy generic heraldry: they will find a coat of arms associated with your surname, and most likely one not actually connected to your ancestry. And, unless you can prove direct male-line descent from the original bearer of such arms, you cannot have them officially recognized or registered.

We take pride in producing unique coats of arms for our clients based on their specific requirements and interests. Interpersonal contact and consultation, combined with skill and creativity, are the keys to our success.




Russian city of Verchnee Dubrovo

The Association of Amateur Heralds (Author's interpretation)
Faculty of a history of the ancient world and Middle Ages of the Kharkov state university (Ukraine)
Under the order of the company «Don-stroy» (Russia)
Under the order of administration of National park «Bastak» (Russia)
The American Heraldry Society
(Author's interpretation)

R.Young (England)
C. Kruglov (Russia)
D. Fedorovich (Russia)
L. Kuznetsova (Germany)

I. Il'chuk (Russia)
M.Jeremiah (England) (Author's interpretation)
G.Lucki (Canada) (Author's interpretation)
A.Zhurov (Russia)
I.Klimenkoff (Russia)

K.Adamova de Roet (Canada)

(in cooperation with M.Jeremiah)

A.Ivanov (Moldova)

J.Crowley (USA) (Author's interpretation)
M.Horbal (Austria) (Author's interpretation)
Under the order of S.Moser (Russia)
S.Klaazen (England) (Author's interpretation)
Y.Romanenkov (Lithuania) (Author's interpretation)
E.Prodaywoda (Russia)

C.Buchanan-Boardman (USA) (Author's interpretation)
R.Kuchumov (Russia)
C.Bail (Germany) (Author's interpretation)
I.Kogan (Russia)
M.Magnuski (Sweden) (Author's interpretation)
A.Taho (England)

German family von Hasenhorst (Germany) (Author's interpretation)
J.Jonovski (Macedonia) (Author's interpretation)
M.Jeremiah (England) (Author's interpretation)
A.Donets (Russia)

Family Jaschok (Germany)
Family Molchanov (Russia)

Family Ordovsky-Tanaevsky (Russia) (Author's interpretation)
D.Boven (USA) (Author's interpretation)
Fr. Guy Selvester (USA) (Author's interpretation)
E.Moritz (USA) (Author's interpretation)
K.Guyday (Russia)
A.Grishin (Russia)
M.Maximenko (Russia)

Fr. P.Parkerson (USA)
G.Luxemburg (Russia)
Under the order of V.Dementiev (Russia)

Family Gerasimov (Russia)
Family Saratovskiy (Russia)
Family Husainov (Russia)
Family Klimek (Germany)

J.Treskatsch (Germany)
Family Velikanov (Russia)
Family Manus (Germany)
Family Kuznetsov (Russia)
M.Schubert (Germany)
Family Jachnuk (Russia)

K.Mudryy (Russia)
S.Kozjulin (Russia)
V.P. (Russia)
M.Henry (Canada) (Author's interpretation)
S.Egorov (Russia)
Family Degtyaryov (Russia)
Family Melnik (Russia)

F.Reuther (Germany) (Author's interpretation)
A.Andersen (Canada) (Author's interpretation)
Family Uvarkiny (Russia) (Author's interpretation)
D.Michin (Russia)
D.Gitter (Germany) (Author's interpretation)
Family Tarabriny (Russia)
S.Burchevskiy (Russia) (Author's interpretation)

M.Wagner (Germany) (Author's interpretation)
D.Murzin (Russia)
A.Titovskiy (Russia)
R.Berrisch (Germany)
P.Zubkovskiy (Russia)
C.Marques (Brasil) (Author's interpretation)
A.Kurov (Germany)

V.Kuznetsov (Russia)
O.Lebedev (Russia)
V.Prokopiev (Russia)
Family Sementovskiy (Russia) (Author's interpretation)

G.Danilyants (Russia)
A.Korol (Russia)
J.Herrmann (Germany) (Author's interpretation)
V.Malkov (Russia)
A.Schevchenko (Russia)

Badges and emblems

The Badge of Our Royal Order of the Lion of Rwanda
(Author's reconstruction for HM King Kigeli V of Rwanda (deposed in 1961)
The Star of the Order of Merit of Saint Michael of the Wing (Portugal)
(Author's reconstruction for HRH Dom Duarte the Duke of Braganca)
The Badge of Order of the Bath (The Great Britain)
(Author's interpretation)
The emblem of the Brotherhood for protection of the orthodoxy (Moldova)
Badge of J.Jonovski (Macedonia)

Logo for XXV Forum young romanistic 2009 in Trier (Germany)
Logo for America Romana Centrum University Trier (Germany)